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Because each singer holds a valuable place in the choir, rehearsal is mandatory. Attendance and punctuality in each weekly rehearsal is vital to the success of each singer and choir. Regular attendance provides a multitude of benefits for each singer such as camaraderie with fellow singers, consistent, sequential accomplishment of musical skills and literature and preparation for wonderful performances. A tremendous amount of music is taught each week, therefore it is very difficult for singers to catch up on what was missed due to an absence. This impacts not only the absent singer, but the entire choir in its accomplishments in learning music and beautifying their sound. Rehearsals are expected to take a high priority in each child’s life. GCW expects a significant commitment to consistent and punctual attendance at rehearsals. Thank you, in advance, for your support and cooperation in maintaining our high standards.

A maximum of three to five (at the discretion of the Director) absences from rehearsals and performances will be allowed each semester in order to maintain membership and participate in performances and tours.

Check In/Out

In the interest of the safety of all GCW members, a check-in/out procedure must be adhered to. All girls may “self” check-in upon arrival at a rehearsal or event. However, check-out for middle and elementary aged girls requires that a parent or guardian come into the building and personally check-out their daughter(s). High school girls, especially those that are driving, may “self” check-out.

Member Expectations

Treat the directors, parent volunteers, fellow members and the facilities with respect at all times

Take care of the music folder assigned to you and treat its contents properly

Exhibit appropriate behavior in all rehearsals and concerts

Grounds for Dismissal

Violation of attendance policy (see above)

Disruptive behavior during rehearsals

Unexcused absence from a required concert

Rehearsal Times

Rehearsals are on Thursday afternoons at the First Baptist Activity Center, at specific times listed on the Calendar page of the GCW website. Members are expected to be seated in the rehearsal room when rehearsal begins.


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