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$375.00 per year (see Payment Options 6x$62.50)

$400.00 on average for tour (see Payment Options)

Payment Options

Tuition and tour payments are non-refundable for any reason. Tuition may be paid in full on the first rehearsal or paid in three-monthly installments. The three-month installment plan allows families to pay one-third of the tuition on the first rehearsal, one-third on the first Thursday in October/February, and the final installment on the first Thursday in November/March. Checks are preferred, but if you would like to pay cash, please place it in a sealed envelope with the singer’s name and amount on the outside. Credit Cards are also accepted with 3% merchant fee. Please write singer's name on bottom of your check.

Outstanding Balance Policy

Any outstanding balance from the previous season must be paid in full in order for a member to be able to participate in an upcoming season.


Scholarship application forms are available for families with financial need. While no full scholarships are offered, partial scholarships maybe offered based on funds. All scholarship requests must be submitted in writing with a W2 and received by the Board not later than the first rehearsal in September.

Each application will be reviewed by the GCW Board and applicants will be informed of the Board’s decision. Potential scholarship recipients are asked to attend rehearsals during the application review process so they will not miss valuable rehearsal time.

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